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2020 has hit us with a pandemic like never seen before. No one had anticipated the impact this would have on businesses and people alike - we were all taken by surprise. With new restrictions and laws being implemented on a weekly basis, businesses need to keep themselves equipped with the latest products and services according to such guidelines so as to remain open and competitive. 

Here ar J&J Group, we took this challenge and came up with the best products and services possible to not only create awareness, but also reduce the spread of this virus within establishments.


What can you do to keep your business up and running in such times? 

  1. Make your clients and future clients aware that your establishment is as safe as staying at home - This can be done by making use of products such as posters and poster holders/frames to give you the liberty of directing them at any direction you want without the need of tampering with you property's walls. We suggest you can do this by installing Roll-Ups, Freestanding Information Boards, A-Boards, etc... Other ways of ensuring safety is by strategically replanning your office or restaurant desk/table set up for example, by placing such furniture two meters apart; or to save you from the hassle of moving everything, simply place table stands or stickers indicating that it cannot be used. 
  2. Provide all the necessary equipment to reduce the risk of spread Having the most ideal way to have minimal contact with object is the best way to go. One of the most concerning issues when having a sanitising dispenser installed is that everyone who enters your establishment needs to physically touch it to dispense the anti-bacterial liquid. Luckily, we have a solution for that too, a free standing automatic dispenser that is sensor-activated. BONUS - you don't even need to drill a hole in the wall!